International sales and delivery

We are thrilled that almost one-third our sales are from our friends around the world! Majority of our customers internationally are from the USA.

Rohje ships to every country and territory in the world and we offer free shipping.

How does International Shipping work? How long does it take?

Shipping usually takes 2-4 business days and most destinations have tracking from beginning to end.

First, a carrier (usually DHL) picks up your shipment from our distribution partner. The shipment then travels to your country’s for final delivery. In general, transit to your country only takes a few days (1-3 days). If your country charges import tax, the carrier service will contact you for payment.

Rohje stands behind every shipment, and if a watch is not delivered we consider that a sacrifice to the Postal Gods and will promptly send another.

Estimated delivery times around the world

  • New York 2-3 days
  • Los Angeles 3-4 Days
  • Colorado 3-4 Days
  • Hawaii (Honolulu) 7-8 Days
  • Alaska (Anchorage) 3-4 Days
  • Vancouver 3-4 Days
  • Toronto 3-4 Days
Mexico (Mexico City) 3-4 Days
Brasil (Rio de Janeiro) 4-5 Days
Peru (Lima) 7-8 Days
Guatemala (Guatemala) 3-4 Days
Japan (Tokyo) 7-8 Days
South Korea (Soul) 3-4 Days
India  (New Delhi) 7 Days
China (Beijing) 5 Days
  • Sydney 9 Days
  • Perth 10 Days

New Zealand (Wellington) 14 Days
United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) 5 Days
Israel (Jerusalem) 2 Days
Qatar (Doha) 5 Days
South Africa (Johannesburg) 6 Days
Nigeria (Lagos) 3 Days
Egypt (Cairo) 5 Days

Customs and Import Duties:

Please Note: Import taxes and customs are not included in this pricing. You may have to pay import duties to your local tax authority when the package arrives.

The USA does not charge duties or import taxes.

For example duties and taxes for Canadians can be calculated at the Canada Border Services Agency website