Man wearing adventurister gold watch on the wrist

Our straps are easily interchangeable and fit every wrist

We think that a watch should serve its owner well and be as versatile as possible. That’s why our straps have a simple attachment mechanism that makes attaching the it to the case simple and effortless.

Replacing the strap to the watch case is easy thanks to the simple fastening mechanism

All Rohje straps have a simple fastening mechanism that makes it easy to attach the strap to the case and change the strap to another without tools. The straps are attached to the watch case with a spring bar that holds the strap in place. Despite its simplicity, the fastening mechanism based on the spring bar is durable, and the watch cannot dropp from the wrist even when going fast.

Thanks to the simple fastening mechanism, the strap can be changed every day and the watch can be easily styled to suit your outfit or mood.

Our straps fit everyone's wrist

Both our mesh and reindeer leather straps are designed to fit as many wrists as possible.

Our selection of reindeer leather straps includes 20 mm and 14 mm long straps. The longer and wider strap is perfect for a larger wrist and the shorter and narrower strap for a smaller wrist. We also have the opportunity to make reindeer leather straps to order. Feel free to contact us at, and ask custom designed strap for you.

Unlike reindeer leather straps, we make mesh straps in standard sizes. However, the length of the mesh strap can be easily adjusted to fit your own wrist with the help of a movable clasp and the tool that comes with our watches.

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