Man wearing Rohje Adventurister White watch on the beach in Iceland

How to change Rohje watch strap?

Changing the strap of your own watch brings a nice variety to its appearance and comfort of use. Changing the strap of Rohje watch is particularly easy and only takes a minute, if even that!

The strap is attached to the watch body with spring bars. We use both quick-lock and traditional spring bars in our watches. You can recognize a quick-lock spring bar by the lever on it – it helps you change the watch strap without any tools. The traditional spring bar doesn't have a lever, but to change it, you need a tool that comes with our watch box. 

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to change your watch strap.

Changing the quick-release strap

Step 1: Remove the spring bar

Pull the lever of the spring bar on the inner surface of the strap. The movement detaches the end of the spring bar from the watch body, so the bar can be easily removed from the other end as well.

Step 2: Replace the strap

Each strap comes with its own spring bars. Attach the desired strap to the watch in the same way as the strap was removed. Insert the other end of the spring bar into the hole in the watch body. Pull the lever on the spring bar and insert the other end of the spring bar as well. The strap is securely fastened when the lever of the spring bar pops up and the watch strap does not come off the watch.  

Changing the traditional strap

Step 1: Find the tool

Use the tool that comes with the Rohje watch or another similar small object to replace the strap. 

Step 2: Remove the spring bar

Use the tool to press the end of the spring bar inward so the spring bar shortens a millimeter or two and detaches from the watch body. Once you get one end of the spring bar loose, you can float the other end of the bar out of the hole. 

Step 3: Replace the strap

Put one end of the spring bar into the hole and press the other end of the bar into the opposite hole. The strap is well attached when it doesn't detach from the watch case.


Now the strap has been successfully replaced and the watch will travel securely on your wrist during all your adventures. Check out all of Rohje's mesh and reindeer leather straps in our online store from here

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