From tourist to Adventurister

Adventurister – what does it mean?

We – the founders of Rohje – Arno, Antti, Henry and Ville are a tight group of friends. We like to pack our bags and set off for new adventures. Adventures can be trips to foreign metropolises or hiking in the wilderness back home. The most important thing is that they bring excitement and the joy of discovering new things. That’s why we call ourselves Adventurists.

We always want to see a bit more – more than just the all-inclusive hotel package. We want to venture away from the path most travelled. That is why we gave the name Adventurister to our watch model, and we hope that the wearer carries the same passion for adventure.

Like the word Rohje, Adventurister also has a story.

From tourist to Adventurister. The word is a combination of adventure and tourist. Our watch is made for adventurers, whether near or far, alone or together; it complements you.

We know that today it is not essential to wear a watch to see the time. For that, we have smarter devices. We think a wristwatch is a splendid way to show your style and your values. Rohje Adventurister is a combination of Finnish design, quality and passion for adventure. With the handmade reindeer leather strap, it is a watch that won’t leave you hanging in the cold.

An Adventurister has the courage to seize the moment and lead by example. The watch and its features are meant to serve Adventuristers.

Join the Adventuristers to keep up with the adventures and novelties.