Rohje Adventurister Gold

The new Adventurister Gold - Pre-order Now

We are celebrating the one year anniversary of Rohje and the start of the new decade by releasing the Rohje Adventurister Gold - model! The watch has a great contrast, between its shining gold colour and distinguished black handmade reindeer leather strap, and is a great combination for the up coming decade

Adventurister Gold was opened for presales the exact day as Rohje had its first anniversary. Like the year before, we want to offer all pre-orderers only the best. All pre-orderers will receive a Rohje Adventurister Gold - mesh strap and a black Rohje handmade reindeer leather strap for the bundle price of 209€.

22.12.2019 is not only the birthday of rohje, but also the Winter solstice - the shortest day the year in the northern hemisphere. Make the polar night shine by ordering the newest Rohje watch. Nothing shines like gold in the spring sunshine.

Adventurister Gold is suitable for all occasions, so put on the bravest watch and enjoy the adventure your way.

The water resistance (5ATM) of the Adventurister series watches is best described with the story of how one Adventurister accidentally dropped their watch in a lake. It was reclaimed by diving to the bottom the next day. Even after a night in the bottom of the lake it was still perfectly functional and runs even to this day six months later and still tells its story again and again. Adventurister - From tourist to Adventurister.

We have also expanded our selection by adding both a shorter strap and a longer reindeer leather strap for each of the different colours. The new handmade Rohje Black reindeer leather strap can also be ordered with the new lengths for the best possible fit for you or your loved one.

Pre-order now to get your own new favorite Adventurister Gold watch February 2020 for your next adventure!